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Some really interesting concept art and pitch material from a proposed post-Enterprise Star Trek animated series that didn’t make it. This was actually being pitched as something for startrek.com, so it would’ve been at least borderline official. The fact that it didn’t fly is pretty telling: I’ll be surprised if Paramount ever bothers with the post-TOS universe (I’m tempted to call it the Bermanverse) again outside of ancillary media such as novels, comics, gaming, etc.; the studio was clearly already focused on going back to basics, the same year that they canned Enterprise.

At the same time, we’re gearing up for a new animated Doctor Who before the end of the year (supposedly); it’s called Dreamland. From the stills that are floating around out there, I have to say that I have a better “vibe” for the artwork style this time around than I did for Infinite Quest.

The other night I went through a local Braum’s drive-thru at about 10pm (long story); the guy who was taking my order asked me “Is this for here or to go?” Well, yeah, dude, let’s go for “here.” I can just pull up to the window, give you my money, get my food, and I’ll put in park and you can keep me company while I eat.

Actually, scratch that, I know that there are people who would pay for that service…and knowing that, I don’t think I’d wanna be the guy in the window.

I’ve applied for a web content producer gig in NWA at one of the newspapers; this is pretty much exactly what I used to do at the TV station (well, part of what I used to do – it’s what I did when I had my “web producer” hat on instead of my “promo guy” hat), and it’s not at a TV station, so there’d be none of this “Hey, there’s a hostage crisis across town, guess what? Everyone’s staying five hours longer than they were planning to tonight!” stuff. The funny thing is, the way the days and hours are laid out for that job, it’d certainly remove me from Sunday morning horse-feeding consideration. That would amuse me greatly: what do we want to do, gripe about the fact that Earl doesn’t have a job, or gripe because he has a job that lands on Sunday mornings? I’m convinced that whatever I wind up with work-wise, soemone, somewhere will be honked off about it. Meh. Par for the course.

In other news, we still have a kitten factory named Taxi waddling around the house. No idea what the estimated arrival date on the babies is – what the heck, did she pick super saver shipping or something? In the meantime, Evan is adamant that I not only read him stories, but read to the kittens as well (whose mama can be seen here standing up to look out Evan’s window since we’re having lovely open-window weather of late).

Evan and Taxi

I’ll let everyone know as soon as Taxi deploys her troops and begins the invasion.

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  1. Maybe, if you said “for here” you would have gotten some extra “special” in your order. And then, later, you’d get the munchies and eat the rest of your order.

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