The sort of things that I think about

Once upon a time, back in my radio days, I dramatically announced “My dear friends…”, held out my hand like a Shakespearean soliloquoy was right around the corner about to collide with me, and emitted a massive belch. I thought it was kinda funny, perhaps even a little too calculated for sheer incongruity. It sure brought the room to a halt (yes, there were other people there).

Today, my son calmly walked up to me and said “Uh…dad? BURRRRRRP!” While I’m contemplating the almost astronomical amount of embarrassment I’d be feeling if this had taken place in a public venue instead of my room here at the house, I must admit to an undercurrent of “That’s my boy!

Other thoughts that have occurred to me on a day largely filled with playtime with little E, cat care, cooking and general bummage-aroundage:

  • Do the Wonder Pets ever just say “Aw, screw it” and let the call go to voice mail when the phone, the phone is ringing?
  • If someone designs an artsy-fartsy well system, will it be referred to as “artsy-fartsy”, or “artesian-fartesian”?

Please discuss.

Evan and his horsie and his daddy

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