Outtakes from my attempt to take that picutre of the Wii in the box

How much can go wrong while you’re trying to take a picture of a freakin’ inanimate object on a table? Just ask Olivia.

Olivia vs. the Wii

Look at that face. You know what that face says to me? Wii are not amused.

Olivia decides to take our her frustrations on Oberon, who’s zoning out:

Olivia vs. Obi

Obi strikes back:

Olivia vs. Obi

Apparently oblivious to the fact the Olivia’s already lost interest, Obi continues to strike back several minutes later:

Olivia vs. Obi

With that kind of delayed reaction action, I’m think Obi has ties to the oil industry that we know nothing about – you know, “Oh, the price of crude has been plummeting like a rock for weeks on end? Well hell, I guess we’d better drop the price of gas by 12 cents!”

In other news, the low-fat chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwiches are seriously yum-o-licious. Add to that the fact that the very same store is once again stocking the vegan “chicken” patties that were so crucial to my diet about a year ago – and much more cheaply too – and I think someone’s trying to tell me something. I’m listening.

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