DadBot & FrogBoy

Meet DadBot 500. His Wii code is 4625 4482 9938 8574, by the bye.

DadBot 500

And now meet FrogBoy. He may look like a mild mannered toddler…

Evan is...FROGBOY

…but he’s really FROGBOY. A boy with a frog. A singing frog.

Evan is...FROGBOY

Every so often at the day care, they have a little display of storybooks and a few toys here and there that you can place orders for. Evan has homed in on this froggy puppet for the past week – while I’m signing him in, he’s all over the frog. A couple of days later he figured out that it makes “ribbit” and “croak” sounds! I had a talk with the Mrs. and we decided we ought to get Evan a croaking froggy of his own. (The froggy is also a puppet, and his odd expression in this photo is from his puzzlement about how daddy can stick his hand in the frog and suddenly it’s alive, while Evan can’t get the same results – he hasn’t quite figured out the basics of puppet operation just yet.) As it turned out, the sale display folded early – almost nothing sold – and so instead of waiting for an ordered item to come in a week later, Evan got to bring home the froggy he’s been playing with for about a week now. We didn’t even realize until we got home and played with the froggy that it sings – it’s ribbiting and croaking stuff like “Old McDonald Had A Farm” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Pretty cool, huh? Not a bad bit of froggy action for just a few bucks.

I think we’re all happy with our new toys around here. 😀

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