Asteroids: The Movie

AsteroidsThis is gonna rock. Ha! Get it? And no, I’m not joking – check out this item from the Hollywood Reporter

As opposed to today’s games, there is no story line or fancy world-building mythology, so the studio would be creating a plot from scratch. Universal, however, is used to that development process, as it’s in the middle of doing just that for several of the Hasbro board game properties it is translating to the big screen, such as “Battleship” and “Candyland.”

So, as long as there are asteroids in Asteroids, and someone is shooting at them, we’re golden. You know what? Good for Atari (and yes, I know it’s not the original Atari anymore). If they can actually make some money off of this deal, in what the article says was a “four studio bidding war”, good for them. Laugh all the way to the bank and cash the check while it’s still good. And this time, make the actual movie – I’m still disappointed that the window for the fabled Pac-Man film is pretty much closed now that Brando isn’t around to imbue the round yellow one with Pac-pathos.

What I want to know is…how will they get around the game’s blatant use of the theme from Jaws?

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