This explains how my head feels:

I’ve got a hellaciously nasty “machine gun cough” that kicks in at random, even if I’m asleep, and keeps going until I can get control, or until I start to black out.  Either way, my head hurts like hell afterward.  Evan spent several nights over at his grandparents’ house (being a perfectly behaved angel if their reports are to be believed) because my wife and I both have this and it is not pleasant.  I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to get this looked out – we’ll see what it is, if there’s a cure, or if they’re just going to put me down because it’s the humane thing to do.

I hate feeling like this.  Ugh.

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One Response to “Ick…sick”


    Oh, wait, I’m suppoed to feel sympathy for you and your illness….


    I hope you get well soon dude and it sucks that you feel like the Death Star is attacking you.

    Heh. Ding Ding. **giggle**

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