Phosphor Dot Fossils Level 2Phosphor Dot Fossils Level 2, the follow-up to the successful Phosphor Dot Fossils documentary timeline DVD released in 2008, will make its debut on Saturday, April 11th at the Oklahoma Electronic Game Expo, on the Oklahoma City Community College campus in OKC.

Like the original, Level 2 will cover a wide swath of video game history, including arcade, home console and computer games, from 1972 through 1987, with shots of the games in action, historical notes for every game shown, other trivia, and even vintage commercials from that era. Also like the original, Level 2 has an easy-to-follow visual design, a concise menu system to allow instant access to any clip on the entire DVD (which is once again estimated to have a running time of around 3 hours), and an original music score. Level 2 will cover games not featured in the first Phosphor Dot Fossils DVD, from Atari‘s early post-Pong arcade efforts and blasts from the vector graphics past, through the era when the Nintendo Entertainment System revitalized the American video game scene after an industry-stalling crash in the early 1980s.

Phosphor Dot Fossils Level 2 will be released at the 2009 OEGE event at a special “show price” of $15; orders will be taken via Media the same day for those unable to attend the show, at a price of $20 (shipping inclusive) in North America, and $25 for the rest of the world.

Based on the award winning web site of the same name, Phosphor Dot Fossils and Phosphor Dot Fossils Level 2 were written, produced, edited and scored by Earl Green at Media. DVD specs: NTSC DVD, 4:3 standard definition aspect ratio, running time: approx. 3 hours.

The original Phosphor Dot Fossils DVD is still available, and will also be available in a 2-disc bundle with Phosphor Dot Fossils Level 2 in April. Phosphor Dot Fossils is also available from Digital Press Videogames in Clifton, NJ.

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