Kitten of the future

So, about three business days ago, I called eBoundhost to cancel the hosting there. Today they refunded the full amount I’d paid them. Good as their word. Still no sign of a refund from Globat. Heh.

Other good news: Phosphor Dot Fossils is nearing completion in database form! The entire arcade section – 200+ entries – is now in the database, and I have deleted the old HTML files. I’ve got fewer than 100 entries left to move over, and most of them are in the 2600 section. I figured, since I’m stuck with Globat for a little bit longer, I’d use the time to get more stuff moved over before we try to migrate again.

I fell in love with a kitten this weekend. My in-laws found it – or actually, it found them – at a truck stop. Just hopped right into the truck and curled up: experienced hitchhiker. She’s a tiny little grey striped tabby with a purple collar and a little purple bell (she apparently came with these accessories). She’s a little scrapper – she has the housecats up at the farm living in fear of her. She just wants to play with them, but one glance at this tiny little puffball with legs and eyes and ears and a tiny tail and you can just tell she’s a vicious attack cat. She reminds me a lot of Olivia when we first got her.

So, as you can tell, I’m pretty smitten with this kitten. The Mrs. is trying to veto just about everything that I’m thinking here: we’re so far in the hole, we couldn’t afford to get this kitty basic shots, spay her, and declaw her. We can’t afford to have to keep a different kind of cat food in stock for a kitten. Etc. etc., you get the idea. In the meantime, I sit down at my in-laws’ place and this little furball leaps into my lap, curls up and purrs – she doesn’t do that with anyone else. She also loved playing with Evan on Sunday (and, it must be said, the feeling appeared to be mutual).

There’s gotta be a way to make this happen. In the meantime, all that needs to happen is we need to find a name.

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