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The migration of theLogBook is not going well. For over 24 hours the whole damned site was inaccessible, even the PDF DVD page. I’ve very, very reluctantly switched the domain name back to the Globat version of the site, and I’m going to give eBoundhost a call today and claim my “disgrunted within 30 days” refund. They’ve got a nice setup there, but I was detecting a serious rift between my needs and the tech support staff’s willingness to help and/or their understanding of how the site is put together. When I was chastised by one of the eBoundhost tech support guys for “continuously bugging” them about “what looks like a personal site” when they had business customers who also needed tech support help too, I decided that I’d made a critical error in judgement in picking a new hosting service. I’ve got another idea, but I’ll have to get my money back from either Globat (ha!) or eBoundhost first before I can act on it.

On the home front, we’ve had this nightmarish worst-case-scenario string of vehicle and money problems. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s killing us. It’s rapidly becoming a “what the fuck else can happen now?” kind of thing, except the moment we dare ask that question, something the fuck else proceeds to happen. I’m under tremendous pressure to get out there and Get A Job. What this does to the stay-at-home dad thing, I dunno – or maybe I just need to stop wasting 1/5 of every day on sleep.

The diet, at least, is going well – I’ve managed to lose a few more pounds since the last time I told you I’d lost a few more pounds. I’m almost down to about what I weighed when I came back to Arkansas from Green Bay almost 10 years ago. Some of that, however, is down to just plain eating less – i.e. two quick meals a day and maybe a couple of snacks, usually fruit – and as a result I’ve also got a lot less energy. Part of that is simply because we’re concentrating more on keeping baby food in the house than grown-up food.

Anyway, I’ll cut it short there before I get into serious heavy-duty moaning about the inequities of life, etc., which I really do my best not to sit and moan about. Especially not on the interwebs.

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