Bet you were thinking this would be a Doctor Who-related post, weren’t you?

Seriously, here’s the word. It starts good and gets kinda funny at the end.

Cholesterol: 135. This is not only very good, but surprising as hell given my weight and the awe-inspiring amount of salty/fatty stuff I’ve eaten in my life. I’m in very good shape here.

Blood sugar: right-down-the-line normal – not high or low. I’m nowhere close to being diabetic (again, surprising as hell).

Skin issues: anyone who’s seen me in person in the past ten years might just have noticed that I’ve got some skin problems (it’s noticeable in the same way that you might just notice that the space shuttle has a huge freakin’ orange whale of a tank attached to it when it blasts off). I’m pretty severely broken out today, and the previously existing problem spots are flared up, which leads my doctor to believe it may be a problem with the hay and alfalfa that I feed to the horses. In other words: feeding horses may be causing me health problems.

I’ll let you sit back and chuckle at the ramifications of that while I wait for next week’s appointment with a dermatologist…and wait for it to hit the fan after that verdict if it’s even remotely accurate. 😯

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