Reunited, and it feels so….sleeeeeepy.

Evan and I got to take part in yet another impromptu family reunion on Sunday (this time on my wife’s side).

Evan and his daddy

(Note fashionable blob of green bean flavored spit-up on my shirt. I hadn’t even noticed it yet!)

He didn’t sleep much the night before, so he repeatedly got “tired fussy” during the day, at which time he and I would be dispatched to a bedroom to take a nap. (Guess I was getting fussy too. Oops.) Apparently my wife snuck in and took pictures:

Evan and his daddy

Evan’s a pretty good snoozin’ buddy. Note my arm, ready to turn into a half-nelson if he goes trying to roll off the edge of the bed. (He’s gotten to the age where something between the urge to explore and the urge to self-destruct seem to intersect with alarming regularity if one lets him out of one’s sight for even a few seconds.)

Evan and his daddy

And I guess I make a pretty good pillow too.

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