I’d been saying since the beginning of the year that, since Character Options didn’t get the Torchwood license, whoever did would win me or lose me based on the action figure of Gwen. Looks like they win.
Torchwood action figures
That’ll do nicely until I can have a full-sized Gwen sitting on my desk.

The first wave is Jack, Gwen, a Weevil and the Cyberwoman, and yes, they are scaled the same as the CO Doctor Who figures; the part that bites is that you have to order the entire first wave. I don’t need a Weevil or Lisa to make my life (or my increasingly British toy shelf) complete, but I don’t get a choice in the matter. All I can say is that the other three main characters better be in wave two so I can tie off this collection; I’ve heard rumors that wave two will indeed be Ianto, Owen and Tosh, with Captain John, so that would suit me just fine.

You can get ’em here. On a completely unrelated note, I’m going to have some Who figures for sale at OVGE, so make sure your wallet’s bigger on the inside than on the outside!

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