I stepped outside this morning to take the trash out, and found that we have a pretty sizeable guest in our yard.

El Grande Tartagua!

You may remember a few weeks ago that I brought Bowser home for Evan from OEGE. This is the real deal! This turbo-turtle’s shell is big enough that I could probably use it as a helmet.

El Grande Tartagua!

Check out this prehistoric tail. This really IS Bowser!

El Grande Tartagua!

And unlike a lot of critter guests who make it into the yard (such as the rabbit whose component parts are littering the front yard – thanks, Easter Bunny!), this one is very much alive. Xena seems more than a little spooked by it.

El Grande Tartagua!

The turtle is looking around, eating some grass, and going into hiding the moment I shove a camera into its face. I have no idea where it came from or where it’s going. It sure makes an attractive lawn ornament though – what a serene face.

El Grande Tartagua!

Since we don’t have a zoo around here, this poor shellshocked fella has the distinction of being the largest turtle I’ve ever set eyes on in person. I’ve seen turtles aplenty before out here, but never this big.

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  1. yikes! it’s kinda scary looking and cute at the same time… and it shows how some prehistoric animals somehow manage to survive through the millenia.

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