Doctor WhoYou know, when I knew I had a kid on the way, I vowed to myself that, unless Character Options started doing classic Doctors from Doctor Who, my sci-fi toy collecting days were over and done with. Then they announced ’em – go figure. But I wasn’t expecting them to look this good – this is a quick ‘n’ dirty composite I whipped up from the pics first published at this site. (It’s worth the click – they also have pics of the Zygon, Sea Devil, Robots of Death, the K-1 Giant Robot…)

I’ve been wanting DW merchandise that looks this good since these gentlemen were still all over the airwaves. I can’t wait to see the other five. I also can’t wait for hell to freeze over and Amazon UK ship toys outside of the UK. 😆 Needless to say, I may be saving up a few bucks and begging Mayhem for a Big Favor Real Soon.

Just a reminder – Father’s Day and my birthday are both coming up in the next few months. Just consider the above pictured plastic Time Lords added to my wish list. 😉 clothing, mugs, stickers and more at Redbubble!

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4 Responses to “Doctor Who classic Doctor figures: ZOMG!”

  1. Oh wow, they’re really photorealistic!!! Pretty impressive! For that level of detail, how big are they supposed to be? About the size of a classic GI Joe doll?

  2. It looks like these aren’t out until August, so they’ll miss father’s day and my birthday. 🙁 But hey, I’m still on for Christmas!

    More time to save up then.

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