Delicious cheese and fine whines

The weather tonight is totally bizarre – we’re under a tornado watch now, with plenty of bad stuff headed this way, and we’re under a winter storm watch at the same time, because after the storms blast through and rip off everyone’s roof, the temperature’s going to drop like a rock and it’ll start snowing. If there’s ever a time I’m glad to not still be working in TV, this is it – this is kind of like the Perfect Storm for broadcast purposes: a 24-48 hour period where directors, weather talent, camera crew, etc. will be stuck at the station. I can think of much better ways to spend my Sunday night, thanks, like holding Evan’s hand until he falls asleep. It’s good to be daddy. And speaking of that… Evan and his granddadEvan and my dad got to meet each other Saturday afternoon, but that was only when my dad and his wife showed up completely unannounced at the house. I run out of fingers and toes, even if I borrow Evan’s, when trying to calculate exactly how rude that was. I wasn’t exactly dressed for company (hell, half an hour earlier and I would’ve been just getting out of the shower), and the house definitely wasn’t ready for prime time. One phone call 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes earlier, and I could’ve suggested a place to eat, gotten Evan ready to travel, and gotten myself reasonably ready. I wasn’t happy.

We won’t even talk about how not happy the wife is about not getting to see the moment when my dad laid eyes on his grandson. So now I’m getting it from both sides – I’m in trouble for not taken Evan over to my dad’s place, and I’m in trouble for letting my dad and his wife into the house. Good thing I try to keep the doghouse nicely appointed. I seem to be spending a lot of time there suddenly.

That aside, my dad was just entranced with Evan (but then it seems like everyone is when they meet the little guy). Evan took to him right away, doing his whole grinning and giggling and wiggling thing that he does when he likes someone almost as much as he likes that big galoot who takes care of him for most of his days. I’m glad I got to get these two guys together, and I’m truly sorry it took so long, but I really did not appreciate the ambush. Then again, I’m pretty sure my dad wasn’t the architect of that approach. That’s just not his style.

Remember this grey kitty girl who was with us for a few weeks? I got to see her – and her second litter of kittens since I gave her to my sister-in-law – today. They’re all healthy and pretty and cute and fwuffy, and I’m still glad I rescued her from wandering around a post office building. She’s kinda like the gift that keeps on giving, but hey, she’s not living here and getting her fixed isn’t my responsibility. Just remember: cute. fwuffy. kittens. Good thing Obi came home when he did – we could’ve had a replacement for him pronto.

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