How many minutes past 7pm was my son born tonight? The answer: 42.

Earl and Evan, fresh out of the delivery room

Earl and Evan, fresh out of the delivery room

Still being cleaned off and not one bit happy about it.

This kid has got a VOICE. If I can ever teach him to sing instead of scream, we’re onto something.

Opening his sleepy little eyes during his first bath.

Gettin’ sleepy.

Gettin’ very sleepy.

The little man at peace.

Welcome to my world, son.

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5 Responses to “The ultimate question”

  1. Wow, congrats!!! And it’s funny that he should come out at 42 minutes past the hour…

    Hmm. A little Virgo. Wonder if he’ll be a true little Spock when he grows up?

  2. Congrats! Three things:

    1. Does he blink at the sound of drums?

    2. Hey, he’s got your xyphoid process! (You thought I was going to say “hair”, didn’t you? Well, someone will soon enough.)

    3. “Welcome to *my* world”? YOUR world? Do you own it? That’s pretty presumptu… *starts noticing “PROPERTY OF EARL GREEN” stamped on countless objects such as mahogany furniture, papayas, and oxygen molecules* Egad, when did THIS happen??

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