Still nothing to report. We’re having quite a bit of back-and-forth with the doctor on induction; in one week exactly, Jan will be ten months pregnant, so that pretty much seals it: the kid is part horse. However, there’s no fetal distress at this point – I mean, Jan‘s plenty miserable, but she’s married to me, so she’s probably used to that – so we’re looking at holding out. The push to induce is coming entirely from the doctor’s end, with no real basis other than that she’s on call this weekend. Add to that the pretty high likelihood that a C-section would follow the induction becuase things just aren’t physically ready yet down there, and I’m just not crazy about rushing into things this weekend.

I know everybody wants to see the little guy. I do too. His mom was going on and on this morning about taking pictures of him dressed up in every one of his little outfits (oh God…this is my son, not a dress-up doll!). 😆 I can’t wait to see him wear the bib that a friend of mine got for me that says “NOT NOW, I’M DOWNLOADING!” But we want this to happen on nature’s timetable. If he hasn’t dropped down, and the clearly-marked exit hasn’t effaced, then obviously something, somewhere isn’t ready. (Of course if it was a matter of endangering the health of mother or baby, I’d be lining up to beam him out of there.) I’d rather let nature be the determining factor than a doctor who wants to do this while she’s already on call. (Don’t even get me started on doctors thinking like that.)

Sorry, everyone’ll just have to wait a bit longer. Don’t worry, you’ll hear the shrieks when the real thing is goin’ down.

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