Dustin Hoffman in convenient cat form

My wife gets up at something like 4:30ish in the morning to get ready for work. All I can say to anyone who gets up at such an ungodly hour is “uh…more power to you?” But this also means that the kitty kids get up and make their first appearance at about the same time, so after spending all night sleeping on my back, Othello has someone to play with.

Tuesdays are my wife’s day off, so she likes to sleep in. Can’t say I blame her one bit. This morning at about 5:45, though, something furry started persistently hitting my face. A black cat paw. Pat pat pat pat pat. Pat pat pat pat pat. I know what it was. Othello had plenty of food and water. What he was missing was his daily morning kitty playtime. There was a slightly unnerving “Wapner’s on at five”-ishness to this behavior. Ah well, Rain Cat turns 13 years old in about a month, so I suppose he’s entitled to a little bit of eccentricity.

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