I like to run like a horse. I like to swim like a fish. That’s what I like.

Okay, get a load of this. My wife says I’m not blogging enough. Heh. Sorry I’ve fallen off the blawgwagon just a little bit of late. Blame it on the swimming pool: if I’m going and spending an hour or two in the drink every day, that’s a couple of hours I’m not getting to spend on the computer. Where, between moving massive chunks of the web site to WordPress and other projects, I’ve kinda felt like I’m spending plenty of time lately, thanks very much.

I completely forgot to mention how things wrapped up with the little grey kitten. I took her up to my sister-in-law’s farm, where she was immediately set to her first task – mousing in the tack room. I think she’ll do well. So we’re back to the fearsome threesome, though I think Oberon actually missed her for the first couple of days. I don’t think there’s a single honestly mean impulse between him and Olivia.

I was watching the little mini-series spin-off thingamabob “After The Catch” tonight, where the crab boat captains from “The Deadliest Catch” sit around and tell fish stories – well, okay, crab stories – and I’m thinking we need at least a one-hour special just talking to the photogs who shoot that show. Again, talk about a gig I would not want. Yeesh.

Orac 3.0 is up and running, so far, so good. I’m still not-quite-up and hobbling. Hence all the time in the pool.

Mini music brag of the week, with a little ‘support’ from Sy the Cyberman:
Witchblade CD
…signed by Joel Goldsmith no less. Really, really trippy stuff. Memo to Warner Bros.: this show needs to be on DVD, stat.

I’ll say more when I have more to say.

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