Sunday! Sunday! Someday…

Ick. Stormy day. 😛

Yesterday Jan and I went swimming; she’s got an open invite from a co-worker to use his swimming pool, and yesterday was the first chance I’ve had to go with her. I don’t think I’ve been swimming in ten years, and I forgot how much I love swimming. Okay, maybe what I really love right now, with my ouchy mutant toe and the various spots of skin problems I have, is floating in the deep end with the water up to right under my nose. I did get a bit of exercise in and do some actual swimming, but yeah, mostly floating around and just soaking it up. Literally. My foot felt so much better after spending about 45 minutes in the pool. I’m hoping this’ll blow over – despite the thunderstorm watch until 9 tonight – and we can get some more swim (or float) time in.

I’ve also been reconfiguring Orac – again – after Kent spent a week or so doing some life-saving file recovery. It now has an XP partition and a tiny 98 partition – which will hopefully not go kaflooey – just to run stuff like the scanner. I’m aiming to get the Phosphor Dot Fossils DVD project back on track now that Orac’s back in service, though I’ll go ahead and admit in public now that I’m having doubts about it being ready for CGE. I’m still aiming for that, but let’s just say I’m concerned about the crunch.

We got a nifty new microwave Saturday:
…which replaces the replacement microwave (i.e. the one Jan used in college) that replaced our other one that died a few weeks ago. This one’s got a pretty cool feature, namely the ability to scan barcodes and somehow automagically pick out the precise cooking time from that. It can also be “taught” cooking time and power levels for new barcodes. We’ve both been wondering how much memory it has. It does, however, have this great indiglo-style light behind its display which provides enough light in the kitchen for midnight snack time. Not that such a time ever arrives in this house.

I’m also frantically preparing for the relaunch of yet another major section of, this time the ToyBox archive. Work on that section has been ongoing for quite a while, and longtime fans of our nifty little sci-fi-and-space-and-video-game archive will be happy to hear that I’ve replaced a lot of the old low-resolution photos. I’m also adding more video segments to previously existing articles, including various and sundry vintage toy commercials and things along the lines of our patented extremely silly demo videos of things like R/C Daleks. ToyBox will relaunch in a week.

Just go ahead and stop, storms. I wanna go swimming again.

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