Pictures of a weekend

Not much to say here; just some pictures from my weekend:

Olivia snoozin'
Olivia’s entry in the Cutest Kitten In The House contest. She really cranked up the cute after seeing little grey girl’s pictures.

Fellowhip of the Ring
A mass-mailing from a local church. Holy proofreading, Batman!

Help waned at our fellowhip!
Presumably whoever put that together answered this call for help.

A nice new pile o' games
My latest influx of new (but old) games from a trade with scooterb23 of the DP forums, along with other trades and goodies I’ve picked up this year (Supercharger and Stella Gets A New Brain, among numerous other items, not shown here). Early this year, before we knew we were expecting, my wife made a comment about how much I spend on my old video game collection. I think so far this year, I’m up to about the $20 mark, most of that spent in shipping stuff out for my end of the trade. 😆

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