Clone TrooperApparently a Clone Wars CGI series trailer premiered at Celebration IV and is live on the web. Just mere days ago I was going on about how much Star Wars changed my life and how much I love it, so you’ll have to forgive me for sounding a bit schizophrenic here. I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t a mistake for Lucas to have said one word about a live action, between-trilogies project before now. Am I the only one looking at this trailer and thinking “meh”?

Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars series was cool because we were actually in the between-movies blank that his ‘toons were filling in. I’m not sure what light can really be shed on the Clone Wars now that will make me go ooh and aah. And is it going to create a whole new strand of inconsistent expanded universe storytelling, completely separate from the Cartoon Network shorts and the comics, which already seem to be mutually exclusive from one another?

Call me crazy, but I guess I haven’t had enough of the Lucasfilm kool-aid here. I’m not sure I’m really interested until we get to the live action thingamabob. And part of me is thinking “Good God, everyone’s just ga-ga about the Clone Wars because we were wondering what they were since 1977.” Now that I know it was a situation engineered by Palpatine, as a means to an end and not just to start a war for its own sake, and served as the backdrop to the fall of Anakin…well, I guess my curiosity is satiated. I’d almost rather they did a CG series to follow some other strand, even – so help me, I can’t believe I’m going to say this – something related to the Star Wars: Galaxies MMORPG…in other words, something new.

Now, what would be a good use of CGI? Something bold? Pick up post-ROTJ, becuase CG Luke, Leia and Han never age. Oh, and don’t kill Chewie this time. See? That would be daring.

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One Response to “Another Clone Wars clone already?”

  1. Yeah, that gets a definite MEH from me as well. It looks pretty, but there definitely were not any goose bumps when I viewed it. I’m feeling the same way- I need something new here. I’m Clone Wars-ed out, as it were.

    I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say I’d want something related to SWG. It’s a mix of the prequals and the originals and the expanded universe (Thrawn, Jade, etc.), so it does at least offer some fun and diversity in the story lines I suppose. But I don’t think I’d see that as a source for continuing Lucas’ CGI passion.

    Nope, I’m perfectly content to play SWG for now and wait on the live-action dealio. I’m just not interested in any more animation and CGI Star Wars goodies right now, outside of interaction with it through the game online.

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