More new kitten pix

More photos of our sleepy little visitor.


It appears that this one is just passing through; she hisses at everybody (but Othello’s special – he gets bonus growls with his hisses). None of our kitties have hissed at her, though. Olivia and Oberon have tried to play with her under the door, in fact.


This little girl is probably headed to my sister-in-law’s place to be a barn kitty, though I’m secretly hoping that my niece will take a shine to her and want her to be an indoor cuddle kitty.


The good news is that we brought Sampson over there, and Katie loved Sampson. The downside is, of course, what happened to Sampson in the end.


Hence my secret housecat wish for this little bleary-eyed ball of fuzz.

I wish I could keep all of them, y’know?

One thought on “More new kitten pix”

  1. Ah, no kitten picture is complete without a pic of Earl’s foot (hmmm, excuse the tangential muse here but Earl’s Foot sounds like a decent name for a novel).

    Cute kitten pics, BTW.

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