Proof that the world has indeed lost its collective mind…
For help, call...
…a non-powered manual push-mower requires a customer help line. I didn’t even notice this sticker was on here until today. I wonder what kind of calls they get?

Welcome to the Jungle
So how’d I do?

Welcome to the Jungle
Wait, you could film every other episode of Lost out here – this grass is almost two feet tall!

Welcome to the Jungle
Actually, it’s our little untamed 1-acre pasture (I refer to it sometime as a pasturette). And I’m not even going to try to tame it with a push-mower.

Welcome to the Jungle
This, on the other hand, is my handiwork – not a bad shave for something that consumes no fuel (except for the integrity of my upper back), eh?

The cheering section
My cheering section admires my efforts from afar.

The cheering section
I think somebody wants me to quit mowing grass and come inside.

The cheering section
They’re just too cute.

The cheering section
Othello waits for the crowd to clear out.

I snuck up to the side deck and got this shot through the rail.

Xena hasn’t quite noticed me yet.

She might have spotted me now though.

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4 Responses to “Mow + Meow: a photo album”

  1. “a non-powered manual push-mower requires a customer help line”

    Wait til the thing jams up, or one of the wheels falls off.

    I’m on my fifth summer as a lawn owner – and my third push mower. I’m starting to think the only way to keep the grass from growing faster than I can chop it is to run the mower over the lawn twice a week. Hooray lower carbon footprint! grumblegrumble

  2. More frequently would probably be better, but there is only so far I am willing to go for the sake of a lawn, and only so many clippings I am willing to rake.

  3. There’s a bag I can attach to this one to catch clippings, so that’s not such a big deal. Since the clippings aren’t coated with oil like they would be with a gas-guzzling mower, that’s basically a doggie bag for the horses. Which, given that gas just hit three and a quarter here, may mean that grass is about to mean “fuel for transportation.”

    At any rate, although my back and shoulders might have argued with me on this most strenuously about 12 hours ago, I’m still seeing win-win here.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I’m still doing clean-up with a weed eater that plugs into the wall to recharge, so I’m not completely off the hook environmentally speaking. But I’m working on it.

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