Blessed are the MIDI makers

So I’ve got a new phone. This one’s only my second cell phone in three years, so I think I’m doing good on the whole not-switching-phones-every-three-minutes thing. To me, cell phones are like cars: if they do what they’re supposed to do, who cares how blingy they are? Still, this one’s got some nifty options, and I’ve been playing around with a couple of them this morning, shooting .MID files over to it via Bluetooth to use as ringtones. So yes, for a few shining moments, I’ll be joining the annoying ringtone crowd…and I’ll probably switch ’em off after a few days and go back to a plain old ringer sound. But it’s fun to mess around with some of the free MIDI files I’ve downloaded – I’d seriously consider assigning different ones to different callers if this phone could do that (bummer, my old phone could do that until it met with that Unfortunate Accident this weekend). Right now, anyone calling me sets off a boisterously loud (and really good) rendition of Ben Folds’ “Steven’s Last Night In Town”. Though I can think of individuals who I’d rather have setting off, say, The Prisoner, Doctor Who, Katamari Damacy or Monty Python themes, or Alan Parsons’ “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You”. Ah well – I’m sure the fascination will wear off pretty soon. It’s still just a bleedin’ phone. I’ll probably get more mileage out of making kitty wallpaper for it.

I see in this news item that BBC America is bringing Torchwood to the U.S. at some unspecified future date. I wonder just how chopped up it’s going to be – I haven’t had Dish in over a year now, so I’m not sure what BBCA’s standards are on language, nudity, and big damn gay space heroes. The press release also says something about BBCA showing an “all-new season of Doctor Who” – eh what?? Are they ripping it out from under Sci-Fi? That’d be a bummer, simply because BBCA is still satellite-only fare in a lot of places.

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  1. Like I said in the DP thread: “Calling America” would make the perfect ringtone.

  2. I don’t see any indication that Scifi ISN’T carrying the new Who so I’m going to assume they mean the second season is running on BBC America (I know they’ve been re-running the first season for quite some time now).

    As for Torchwood being edited, I don’t believe that is going to be an issue…several recent BBC shows have aired with either a TV-14 or a TV-MA rating (we’ve got BBC America on Directv).

  3. Yeah, I would assume BBCA means it’s all new to them in much the same way that Sci Fi describes its run as Original. 🙂

    I think that might be a good excuse to delete the unwatched season 2 from my DVR and try to catch up with it when BBCA runs it.

  4. Yeah, you need to make sure Eureka and Galactica don’t get deleted. 😛

    I can also now announce that I do indeed have “Calling America” on my cell phone. And kitten pictures. If I were to leave the bluetooth connectivity switched on all the time and somebody hacked into my phone, they’d probably find it to be about as revealing as…well…my blog. ELO, Alan Parsons and Crowded House ringtones, and a bunch of kitty pictures.

  5. YAY! Torchwood! I don’t think they’ll cut it up since they ran that whole hotsy totsy “Hex” show a while back.
    I noticed the other day that PBS is running the newer who’s with Christopher Eccleston now. That was kind of a surprise.

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