Stick around after the show for an exclusive bonus scene that, for all the context we’re going to give it, might as well be re-enacted by my cats.

(Hey, you know it’s within my power to do it. 😈 )

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3 Responses to “Battlestar Catlactica”

  1. Think of it as a puzzle. Or a challenge. It’s only out of context if you don’t use your imagination! 🙂 If a later episode makes your assumptions about the bonus scene wrong. Try again! It’s fun!

    Do the podcasts from the Sci-Fi channel offer any help on the bonus scenes? (I haven’t listened to any of those podcasts in probably 18 months). Does the Sci-fi channel still have podcasts for BSG?

    I think your black cat (Othello?) should play Admiral Adama. Don’t know why. Just seems right.

  2. Othello is the old man. Obi is the accident-prone hothead (good candidate for Helo). Olivia isn’t troubled enough for Starbuck, not mature enough for Roslin…maybe feisty enough for Cally.

    Beyond that I have to start borrowing cats from the farm. Misha would be Six. Macho would be Tigh, no question. And big fast Chester…what was that guy’s name who Tyrol was giving a hard time? Figurski?

    I haven’t listened to the podcasts in a while, so I don’t know if they offer any clues or not.

    I’m kinda ready for them to get out of “filler material” mode with this show. Last week’s I liked, but in both cases, we’re falling into the trap of “couldn’t this have been an episode of Star Trek?” As for this week’s deleted scene…gah. It should’ve been in the show, and the “Hotdog and Helo rash scene” could’ve been the deleted scene. Unless maybe the rash is supposed to be a non-red-herring indicating the events from last week haven’t finished playing out.

    I still like the show, but it’s seemed really off-and-on this season. I guess I’m not too heartbroken that next year they’re doing a reduced number of episodes.

  3. I’m tired of the filler material too. It makes me think that the writers have run out of relevent material. The re-imagining of the whole Battlestar Galactica mythos is what got me interested in the show and now it seems to be put on the back burner. The episode I found particularly annoying was the one with Apollo and Starbuck boxing each other. Pure shipper material. Now I’m not against romance storylies in a series but, unless the whole show itself is based on romance (i.e. shows I don’t watch), then the shipper stuff should only happen in the background or a sub-story. The shipper story in that episode took center stage. This is a Science iction show and I want to see Science Fiction on the show. Dammit! Romance in space does not count as Sci-Fi. If they keep this up, they might as well get the shark pool and the ski ramp ready and start training the Fonsy lookalike for the jump.


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