Two To Doomsday

Two to go. Though I’m saying goodbye to a lot of folks tonight who are taking off early for the weekend.

Watched a little over half of The Runaway Bride today; I thought it struck just the right note between addressing what happened in Doomsday and getting on with it. The freeway scene was awesome – I’d already seen a preview of it, but it’s still a lot of fun. I kinda wish Donna was the new sidekick, though I can imagine everyone else was sick of her by the end of the hour.

I managed to get a look at the normally blocked-to-anyone-outside-the-UK Sarah Jane Adventures site tonight, and it looks like a promising show, if almost a bit too into Disney Channel Original Series territory for my tastes. (I’m hoping that it’s a little more sophisticated than that.) Roll on New Year’s Day…and freedom!

Also, I’m surprised by how well the “best of 2006 soundtracks” piece went down. (Though let’s not kid ourselves here, I think everyone’s just skipping past all the crap I wrote and going straight to the music mix.) I might just have another surprise for the folks who enjoyed that, right before we kiss 2006 goodbye.

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