It’s the Hybrid!

Wow, I got something in my inbox that sounds like it was written by the Hybrid aboard a Cylon ship.

Greetings, earl green ardentness cockbrain
Those carpenters are not allowing Erika to write behind the post office. That flight attendant finds the box empty.
Are the rates you have over 7.35%?
Joanne’s mother hasn’t become a bartender. Joseph seems crazy.
Our Company will help you cut that percentage to 5.65%
Weren’t those doctors enjoying skiing? Those science teachers elected him president.
Submit your application:
I’m not a manager. They gave him a book.
Jack found the book interesting. Was Kate’s granddaughter practicing sleeping at the company?
I was encouraging David to dance quickly. I name the baby Susan.

Wait a minute — ardent WHAT??!?

In other news: three ’till I’m free. That is all.

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