4 days to go

I have’t gone in to work yet, but today we get back to the big countdown: 4 days until the end of my penance in the TV industry. Can’t wait.

Oberon and Olivia
Oberon and Olivia are chilling out after all the Christmas cheer. Actually, they got to spend a lot of the day in the house with no people around – as usual, we head to my sister-in-law’s place for Christmas. I missed seeing Sampson and the other kitties around; there’s only one cat left up there. It’s easy to figure out why when you see real live bald eagles zipping around the mountain.

My Cat Is The Real Boss
My wife liked the bundle of Olivia goodies I got her. As crazy as she is about her kitten, I hoped they’d go down well. I filled the mug with these chocolates that she likes a lot, so all was well. I suppose sometime this year I need to update that design with one that includes Oberon and says “My Cats Are The Real Bosses.” 😆 Anyone who’s interested in picking up the Olivia-wear can still find it here.

I got a nice big spindle of dual-layer DVD+R blanks, new boots (seems that the incident a week ago today was pretty much the end for my already-slowly-disintegrating farm boots) and socks to go with them, and the 4-disc Chronicles Of Narnia DVD set. And today, I got…technical problems. Zen has suddenly decided that it will no longer run Paint Shop Pro 8, nor will it let me reinstall it; I’ve had to load up PSP5 to get any graphics work done. As a possible solution to this problem, I managed to get IE7 uninstalled at last, at the cost of Microsoft trying to tell me every 15 minutes that my computer requires Critical Updates.

Time for me to get cleaned up a bit and head to work. 4 more days…

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