Here’s the other critter news I didn’t get around to mentioning what with everything that happened yesterday.

New kitty

New kitty
When I got home from the farm yesterday, I was soaked and exhausted and drained. And it was starting to rain. Our Mystery Kitty was hanging out in the yard. I looked at her getting soaked, and then held the door open told her I had a great big vacancy in my heart right now.

She came running.

Olivia and the New kitty
Olivia isn’t too thrilled with this – there’s a new female cat co-opting everyone’s affection! The horror!

Olivia and the New kitty
The new kitty goes tomorrow to be spayed. That might help. (But aren’t they kyoot?)

New kitty
Not so much an armchair quarterback as a chair-arm quarterback.

New kitty
I know I always tell everyone that the best thing to do after losing a pet is to mourn and adopt another pet. I try to lead by example, but I didn’t expect to compress all of that into a one-day schedule.

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3 Responses to “The bit I forgot to mention”

  1. A cat doesn’t quite make up for a horse but it looks like fate (or karma or God) was looking for a way to soften the impact of your tragedy. If a new car (or new house or a strange woman) shows up in your yard, start running! Also, if a guy shows up claiming he is you, the jig is up! @_@

    Hug your new kitty for me.

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