…it’s to tell you to go to my friend Mike Scully’s MySpace page and listen to “Grounded Angel” ASAP. I think the song’s gotten 40-something listens, and I’m pretty sure that about ten of those are me just sitting here listening to it over and over again, because it’s bloody catchy.

I’d love to regale you with tales of how Mike and I used to play music together, and the brief time we spent together in a local band, but the truth of the matter is that where I was much more into songwriting, and still fervently wish that I just had a neural interface where I could beam the fully-arranged music in my head directly into the brains of much more capable musicians (I mean, c’mon, my music section is loaded down with stuff done on a Playstation), Mike is exactly that: a much more competent musician than I – he can come up with catchy songs and play and sing them.

Somewhere I’ve got a CD labeled “Greenskulls” – kind of our own basement tapes. I need to figure out just how much he’d kill me if that stuff was ever heard by the public before I go there though. 😆

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