This is going to be a rant. It’s not going to be pretty.

It’s time for Radio Shack to change its name. The day that I can’t find a single XLR to XLR audio cable in the best-stocked store in town – one of the only ones in this part of the state that even carries cables and adapters anymore, without them being overpriced, pre-packaged gold-plated crap passing itself off as pseudo-bling – it’s time to change that name to Cell Phone And Robo-Reptile Shack. Because that’s all they had stocked in depth – that and a bunch of plug-‘n’-play TV games made by my favorite company in the whole world. There were two young ladies working the registers, and one of them handed me off to the other one at checkout time (I did at least get some blank DVD+R’s that I needed) with a shrug and an “I don’t care.”

Maybe I don’t care to go back. I’m either going to have to order XLR cables, or go to the local music supply store for them (where I’m sure I’d be overcharged out the ass), or I’m going to have to get some made.

On top of that, Braum’s was out of chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt tonight. Woe betide anyone who deny me nature’s most perfect food. 😆

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