It’s been an insanely windy 24 hours here. We’re talking sustained 30-40mph winds (and the gusts are worse). Needless to say, my already-battered mailbox has all but been left laying in the ditch by this. The resulting temperature drop – down to around freezing – has accelerated that time of year when Xena becomes a full-time resident inside the house. Which seems to suit Olivia just fine – it means that wagging tail is always just a pounce away, in the comfort of her own home!

Shall we do promos for global thermonuclear war?
At exactly the same time tonight, everyone working for a Hearst Argyle TV station got an automated call on their home or cell phones, testing an automated “emergency response” system to be activated in the event of major emergencies or disasters; I guess it’s there to tell us if the station’s been taken out by a surgical strike (though I can’t imagine who’d want to do that now that Dancing With Or Without The Stars is over), or, more likely, to tell everyone to Report To Work Now Now Now in the event of a 9/11-scale emergency. This system was put in place after Katrina all but wiped out our sister station (and one of the oldest continuously broadcasting stations in the U.S.) WDSU last year. It sounds like the mutant love child resulting from a menage a trois between WOPR, Speak & Spell, and some Commodore 64 text-to-speech program whose name I’ve long since forgotten. It’s like getting a surprise phone call from Stephen Hawking, and he’s calling me “Early Green.” I’ll try to record it off the answering machine later in the day before I delete it, for your amusement.

Twilight Zone Standard Time
I have a small cluster of VCRs which I used for converting international videotapes to domestic formats and vice versa. (If anyone actually still requires this service in the age of DVD, give me a shout – I give good PAL conversion.) One of these VCRs has been routinely slipping into another timestream. For example: the always-accurate clock on my DVD recorder says “4:08A” (I kid you not, the thing is tuned into the atomic clock or something, because I’ve never had to set it once in 3+ years). The JVC VCR, at this moment, says “10:12A.” I’ve come home from work at two in the morning to find the VCR claiming it’s in PM time somewhere. And 12 hours or so later, with no readily apparent explanation, wham, it snaps back into real time. This would be great if I could get it to record stuff from the future, you know? I’d suddenly become an avid (and quite probably much wealthier than I am now) sports fan. Sort of like a slightly more modern version of Early Edition. Minus the yellow cat. Which is probably for the best, Olivia would chase his tail too.

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4 Responses to “Wind and/or wuthering”

  1. Heh, it’s funny that you mention WOPR and global thermonuclear war — I just got the DVD version of Wargames and watched it last night (man, what a great movie, despite its dated elements — I could imagine a modern-day supercomputer freaking out like that, although the hacker who’d find war games like global thermonuclear war in the server’s gamelist would be barely blinking nowadays, thinking that it’s some kind of RTS game.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is a sequel in the works, but at least on the surface of the early details, it sounds like a WOPR of an ill-conceived knock-off – kinda like a cross between WarGames and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, since the computer that holds the world’s fate in its hands will supposedly be in the form of a human teenager.


  3. yeah, I’ve heard about that, and hopefully it’ll never go beyond project phase.

    Each decade has its hackers movie — the 80s had Wargames, the 90s Hackers (which was the movie I saw on my first date with my ex, way back in 95), but what will be the one for this decade? Hopefully not this half-baked, uninispired sequel.

    Besides, part of the appeal of the movie lies in Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy’s natural charm. They made it believable. (I like how she’s portrayed as a bit of a tomboy — she looks like most normal teenage girls I knew)

  4. Ally was awesome in that movie. Then again, when I saw Breakfast Club, I thought she was hotter than Molly Ringwald, even while she was being creepy. This probably says a hell of a lot more about me than it does about her or her roles. 😆

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