Classic game fans, I’ve got what you want for Christmas. Seriously. These are so damn cool.

Namco Dotgraphic Figures with Sound
Fresh from Japan.

Namco Dotgraphic Figures with Sound
Some assembly required.

Namco Dotgraphic Figures with Sound
Xevious, Rally-X, Tower of Druaga.

Namco Dotgraphic Figures with Sound
Galaxian, Dig Dug and Mappy.

Namco Dotgraphic Figures with Sound
What these are is, essentially, six individual music boxes. You can move the three-dimensional characters around on their backgrounds (each character has a “peg” and can be placed in any position where there’s a hole for that peg) as you see fit. Pressing the button on the base of each scene plays a sound sample from the respective game in question – a very loud sound sample, I might add.

Namco Dotgraphic Figures with Sound
Close-ups. I love the Dotgraphic stuff; that’s the same kind of thing as the magnetic Super Mario Bros. scenes I’ve shown for the past couple of years at OVGE, and these are just as cool. I’d rather that they were magnetic as well, instead of pegs-and-holes, but you know, it’s not like I spend a huge amount of time playing around with the magnetic Mario scenes, so this’ll do nicely.

Now, the thing that makes me absolutely crazy is that box art indicates that there are two “chaser” scenes which are harder to find than these six. Knowing what Namco’s hot classic properties are, those two are almost certain to be Pac-Man and Galaga. Now I’m gonna be losing sleep until I find those two.

Would these make killer trophies for tournaments at a classic gaming shindig or what?

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  1. Too cool.

    Although I find it funny that Namco and Nintendo have whored out their prospective franchises for every kind of merchandise under the sun — C’mon, Sega! Let’s see you do the same! There’s definitely not enough Sega luvin’ going around.

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