UPDATE: Dongle located. HEY AVID: Somewhere in the world, a video editing suite just changed hands, you didn’t get a freakin’ dime out of it, and there ain’t a damned thing you can do about it. 😛

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as the dongle is…well…dongling its way to me…

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The name of the beast.

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The first order of business was to get the machine online long enough to update Windows 2000, update the browser, get AVG and Spybot/Teatimer installed…

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…and pull the special wallpaper I cobbled together over from one of my other machines. This being Arkansas and this being a dual-monitor machine, the wallpaper is, appropriately enough, double-wide.

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The whole shebang, such as it is. And yes, I do like my Okudagram wallpaper/screen savers, thankyouverymuch.

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Now, let’s be real for a moment – this is probably how this setup will appear to my eyes most of the time. 😆

Also, thanks to Dave, I discovered that Tim Finn released a new album without letting me know about it – that sneaky Tim. Ah well. There went the Amazon UK store credit that was being saved up for the Doctor Who soundtrack…gotta have priorities, y’know.

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One Response to “Dingle dongle, the wicked witch is dead”

  1. Me likes the Okudagram Star Trekky graphics. It makes you think you’re using a computer on the Enterprise. OK, maybe not, but qt least you have a Star Trek feeling in your head while you’re on the computer.

    I’m glad they found the dongle and are shipping it to you. When you posted previously that the dongle was missing I did a little searching on E-bay and found a couple dongles for sale. I don’t know if those dongles had all the features you wanted but it would have been better than no features at all.

    Anyway, here’s hoping your dongle comes home quickly (that sounds really dirty @_@).

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