Not much to report today – stuff going on in the “real world,” mainly to do with finances, is battling it out with my work on the site to see which one can beat me into a submissive stupor first. Not to mention a lot of stuff going on at work. At this point, I think I’m way past the end of my rope, hanging in mid-air over a canyon like Wily E. Coyote, and the moment I look down, it’s all over. I thought I’d found the escape hatch and had a plan, and now it’s not even that simple anymore.

I should know inside the next five days whether or not I’ve accidentally looked down. Damned Road Runner.

As you can probably imagine, I’ve felt like blowing something up lately, just out of sheer frustration. Fortunately for everyone, I’ve found a way to do it digitally – I think I’ve created the station’s first-ever show open with explosions. Even as tired as I am, I think I came up with a fairly elegant solution for blowing stuff up in the Avid. You can check here for more details if you’re so inclined – it even includes a step-by-step quasi-tutorial-type thingie.

For the first time in a dog’s age – actually, I think it’s the first time since we moved into the house – I’ve had the turntable hooked up for some vinyl-to-CD transfers. I’m dubbing off some fairly old and well-worn LPs, but Nero Wave Editor is proving to be a great help in cleaning things up.

Overall, anything to distract myself from looking down.

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2 Responses to “It blowed up real good”

  1. I picked up eight or nine vinyl albums myself today. I am debating whether or not it’s worth moving and rehooking everything up to convert “Mickey Mouse Disco” to MP3.

    Mess with him, and you’re out of luck, he’s a macho duck …

  2. I’m actually thinking about leaving the pieces in place to do vinyl transfers. My turntable has actually been up there the whole time, hidden away behind an arcade marquee, and this way all I’d have to do would be to plug it into electricity and go.

    On the other hand, I’m just about out of vinyl that isn’t already on CD anyway.

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