Dancin' Olivia!Dancin' Olivia!Dancin' Olivia!Dancin' Olivia!
It’s a long story…


…and it all started with a piece of string.
Olivia vs. string

…and then Othello thought this looked like fun too.

…and you can probably figure out the rest from there!
Olivia vs. string
Olivia vs. string
Olivia vs. string
Olivia vs. stringBut wait! There’s more!

While chasing the string around, Olivia decided to declare open warfare on my farm boots. (I think she lost her big brother at this point.)

She simply wouldn’t be satisfied until she bested the boots in fierce paw-to-…erm…boot…combat.

Olivia in Puss 'n' Boots
Olivia in Puss 'n' Boots

Yay for Olivia!
Olivia in Puss 'n' Boots

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