Boss!An update on Hannah’s colt: thankfully, he’s getting to nurse and get some more mother’s milk, but she’s still attempting to reject him. The good news is, it now takes only one person to hold Hannah on a halter and lead rope to get the little fart fed. (Not quite 24 hours ago, it was taking 3-4 people to keep Hannah from biting her kid while he was getting his milk, and Hannah had to be twitched as well as haltered.) She’ll still attempt to nip at him if you give her too much room to maneuver. I’ve had the “overnight shift” of going to the farm every two hours to try to buy Boss half an hour of feeding time.

Boss? Oh yeah, that’s the current nickname. Think about it:

  1. He’s dictating everyone’s schedule.
  2. He holds the fate of his dad in his little hands. (Or, as “Dad” was told today by his owner, “Okay, he’s survived more than 24 hours. I guess you get to keep your nads.”)
  3. He was both born in the U.S.A. and born to run. Okay, maybe I’m stretching here.

Here’s the man himself, waiting for a snack.

Boss and Hannah
Holding Hannah still so Boss can drink from the tap. Note Boss’ equivalent of a cheeky grin there.

Belly full (note that his ribs aren’t as visible as in earlier pictures), Boss takes a power nap.

I think the little guy’s going to be okay, but we still have to keep a watchful eye out for him. Now that he knows where the equipment is and what it’s for, he’s more aggressive about chasing his mom around to get access to it, even if no one’s there to hold her still; as a result, she’s getting a little more aggressive about denying him that access, though at the moment that just means running away from him or the occasional nip. She still stands and watches over him while he sleeps.

Here’s a picture of Sultry that I took today, just because you can never have enough pictures of Sultry, and because it’s interesting how much stuff is between me and her, and yet nothing manages to be out of focus until you get to the background behind her.

Sunset at the farm
And here’s a nice sunset. Another thing Boss had never seen before.

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