Open air.

Xena almost has the best of both worlds.Today’s just a perfect spring day. I love it. Warm, but not hot. Breezy, but not blowing the mailbox down for the umpteenth time. So I’ve opened the back door but left the vertical blinds in place; their constant movement in the wind helps to dissuade any flying critters from trying to visit, and the cats can roam freely. The downside to this is: so can the dog. Xena has just walked right into the house numerous times, ambled into my game room, and crashed out on the floor by my feet. Just goes to show how much greener the grass on the other side always is: the dog can’t wait to come in, the cats can’t wait to go out.

Me, I can’t wait for my vacation to start; I work tonight and tomorrow night, and then I’m off for a week for the first time in months.

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