Nothing to see here, please disperse.

The first day after yet another ratings month is always the same…kind of a giant, building-wide exhale of frustration and exhaustion. As a result I don’t have much to report tonight. But! I do have some new stuff for you to look at in the video section. Here for your viewing pleasure are a new animation for and Phosphor Dot Fossils (no idea what possible application these will find just yet, but hey, it came out looking kinda neat), a horse video I edited in early 2003, and a curious double helping of video of a rummage through the old toy collection. Hope ya like ’em.

There is some good news: my friend Brian has invited me to tag along with him to the CinciClassic classic gaming con in Ohio first weekend of April, and I’m currently trying to secure the vacation time and make every effort to take him up on that. I’ll probably have el zilcho spending money outside of what’s necessary to feed myself, but y’know, I think I can handle that. If OVGE returns again this year to Tulsa, you can expect to find me there in exhibitor mode. (Though I’m not sure what I’ll be exhibiting this year – sometimes I think I’ve done the “history of the classics” with the video loop thing about enough, and yet that theme seems to be perennial.)

I’ll have more to say when my brain is working again. At some point.

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