Iced over
Looks like a perfectly normal day at Casa Green, aside from what looks like at least an inch of snow all over everything. But wait…it isn’t snow.

Iced over
Oh, don’t get me wrong. It looks like snow. I’m sure Xena would even tell you it tastes like snow.

Iced over
Take a close look at the chair – it’s solid ice!! That’s right, we had nearly an inch of ice fall on us last night – the sleet and freezing rain started around 10pm Friday night. It turned into snow around 5 o’clock this morning, which may make it even more dangerous since the people who already drive down our street way too fast will be thinking “Ah, snow, no problem.”

Iced over
Yes, there really is that much solid ice on the deck. Anytime Xena steps outside, it’s Olympic doggie figure skating time. You can see paw prints in the snow, but there’s nothing underneath ’em but ice.

Hopefully we don’t have any repeat performances of this kind of precipitation this weekend – I’m already terrified at the thought of finding out just how low a priority fixing our power lines out here in the country would be…

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