I try to check my site stats a couple of times a month – to see who’s visiting what parts of my site, how often, and how they’re getting there. That sort of thing. One of the most interesting features I have at my command is a list of the search engine strings that have led people here. Sometimes I have to wonder how these search keywords could bring anyone to thelogbook.com. Sometimes I know, and I get a big laugh out of the deal. I’m not making fun of any of the site’s readers here, and I hope no one thinks that I am, but sometimes these search terms are a hoot.

“order bashful” …and get 33% off if you buy Dopey during the same visit.

“voyeurism” …what ever are you looking for on my site, sir?

“andromeda ascendant video music” …the good news is, Atari made that. The bad news is that it won’t put Lexa Doig on your screen.

“loading DVD movie” …good luck with that. I suggest watching DVD movie after it’s loaded.

“logbook ruler” …that would be me.

“spandex ass” …excuse me? I’ve been called many things, but this takes the cake! Prepare to die!

“othello pillow” …ha! Just try it! He still has his back claws, y’know.

“baby kitties” …awwwwwww!

“doctors adventures sex” …coming soon from the pen of Russell T. Davies?

“fascist robot” …coming soon from the makers of Robot Chicken?!?

Twister scientific accuracy” …I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that movie and that term mentioned in one sentence…with a straight face. Unless you’re talking about the board game.

“star trek 11 the tardis” – so that’s what the next movie’s going to be!

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