I’m about to crash, still recovering from the trip myself – the journey home was a bit of an adventure, unfortunately. 😕

It was great to meet everyone who dropped by the PDF tables, Home of the Racin’ Light Cycles, and great to see so many families and so many kids there – quite a diverse crowd, and many of them stayed for almost the entire duration of the event. I guesstimated 200, maybe 300 people. But not bad for a first showing in an area that’s never seen something like this. The guests were enthusiastic about all of it, from the LAN stuff to the Neo Geo stuff to the favorite attraction at my tables, the 1972 Magnavox Odyssey.

Got a look at the Backfire label and manual. The label on the cart is mighty nice, but the manual is a beautiful thing. Wait until you guys get a load of this!

Jess and his entire family put on a great show. And his mom owns you when it comes to 2600 Frogger. So when’s the next one again, Jess? Next week? :mrgreen:

A big, colossal thank you to my friend Kent Sutton, who manned my table with me. I was so exhausted – i.e. no sleep for 30+ hours – that I actually went to sleep in my chair behind my table for an hour and a half. It’s not that OKGE wasn’t exciting – I was loving having people, and again especially kids and families, come by and play what I had on display, but that I was just exhausted beyond my ability to keep on my feet. Thanks to Kent, I could pull a hairbrained stunt like that without fear. This was my first time as an exhibitor, and I hope it didn’t show too badly.

More pictures and a full write-up soon!

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