Media Prose Nonfiction Star Trek

Trek Navigator

Story: Former Sci-Fi Universe editor/Cinefantasique Trek reviewer Mark Altman teams up with ex-Starlog/Cinescape writer Edward Gross for this exhaustive (and yet already terribly obsolete) series of reviews of every Star Trek adventure committed to film. Review: Hey, it seems like a good idea, but is it worth the cover price? I’m not sure. Despite the …

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Behind The Scenes Media Prose Nonfiction Star Trek

Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

Story: Herb Solow, a Paramount executive who helped to get Star Trek off the ground, and Robert H. Justman, the original series’ co-producer and confidant of Gene Roddenberry, dish every available particle of dirt in this well-illustrated and well-written book, brimming with copies of memos and behind-the-scenes photos. Review: I’ll say this upfront – I …

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Babylon 5 Behind The Scenes Media Prose Nonfiction

Babylon 5: The Coming Of Shadows

Story: This book chronicles the making of the second season of J. Michael Straczynski’s groundbreaking SFTV series Babylon 5, which was also the last season to feature scripts written by anyone other than Straczynski for over two years. Interviews with actors, writers, directors and JMS himself run throughout the book, with a special section on …

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