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Buzz Aldrin
Gerry Anderson
Chloe Annett (Kochanski from Red Dwarf)
Anthony Daniels (C3PO from Star Wars)
Neil Armstrong
Arthur C. Clarke
Barbara Bain (Space: 1999)

Chris Barrie (Rimmer from Red Dwarf)
Barry Letts (Dr. Who producer 1970-1974)
Rick Berman (Star Trek producer 1987-2005)
John D.F. Black (Star Trek TOS writer)
Blue Screen
Brannon Braga (Star Trek writer/producer)
Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek TNG)
William Campbell (Kor, Trelaine)
Brian Croucher (Travis #2 from Blake’s 7)
Stephen J. Cannell
Carole Ann Ford (Susan from Dr. Who)
Carrie Dobro (Dureena from Crusade)
Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars)
Gene Cernan (last man to walk on the moon – Apollo 17)
Chris Boucher (Writer, Dr. Who, Blake’s 7)
John Colicos (Baltar from Battlestar Galactica)
Colin Baker (Doctor Who #6)
Michael Collins (Apollo 11 command module pilot)
Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake’s 7)
David Allen Brooks (Max Eilerson from Crusade)
Peter Davison (Doctor Who #5)
D.C. Fontana (Star Trek writer)
DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy from Star Trek)
Douglas Netter (Producer, Babylon 5, Crusade)
Gareth Thomas (Blake from Blake’s 7)
Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek creator)
George Lucas (Star Wars creator)
Fred Haise (Apollo 13 astronaut)
Harlan Ellison (pain in the arse)
Harrison Ford (shot first and rode out the blast in a fridge, no matter what anyone says)
Stephen Hawking (awfully clever)
Philip Hinchcliffe (Dr. Who producer, 1975-76)
Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan from Blake’s 7)
Jay Chattaway (Star Trek composer)
Jerry Goldsmith (much better Star Trek composer)
John Nathan-Turner (Dr. Who producer, 1980-1989)
Jonathan Frakes (Riker from Star Trek TNG)
Kenny Baker (R2-D2)
Robert Justman (Star Trek TOS Producer)
Martin Landau (Space: 1999)
Levar Burton (Geordi from Star Trek TNG)
Louise Jameson (Leela from Dr. Who)
Jim Lovell (Apollo 13 commander)
Norman Lovett (Holly from Red Dwarf)
Constellation program
Marjean Holden (Dr. Chambers from Crusade)
Mark Hamill (force user)
Mat Irvine (FX guru, Dr. Who, Blake’s 7)
Patrick McGooghan (not a number)
Michael Keating (Vila from Blake’s 7)
Naren Shankar (Writer, Star Trek, CSI)
Neptune (blue)
Network 23 (live and direct)
Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voice, Big Finish producer)
Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier from Dr. Who)
Nicholas Meyer (Director, Star Trek II & VI)
Michael Okuda (Scenic graphic designer, Star Trek)
Sir Patrick Moore
Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake’s 7)
Pennant Roberts (Director, Dr. Who, Blake’s 7)
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars)
Peter Tuddenham (voice of Zen, Orac, Slave from Blake’s 7)
Peter Woodward (Galen from Crusade)
The Prisoner
Peter Purves (Steven from Dr. Who)
Red Alert! (Space: 1999)
Rene Echevarria (Writer, Star Trek)
Ronald D. Moore (BSG showrunner, former Star Trek writer)
Russell T. Davies (Dr. Who producer, 2005-2009)
Sally Knyvette (Jenna from Blake’s 7)
Catherine Shell (Space: 1999)
Johnny Sekka (Dr. Kyle from Bablyon 5 pilot movie)
Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith from Dr. Who)
Stardust space probe
Rick Sternbach (Designer, Star Trek movies & series)
Steven Spielberg
Patrick Stewart
J. Michael Straczynski
Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who #7)
TARDIS in the Stargate
Terrance Dicks (Dr. Who writer/script editor/novelist)
Terry Nation (Dalek creator)
Terry Nation (Blake’s 7 creator)
Tom Baker (Dr. Who #4)
Anthony Srewart Head (vampire slayer… watcher)
Verity Lambert (Dr. Who producer, 1963-65)
Warwick Davis (recovering Ewok)
Herman Zimmerman (Designer, Star Trek series & movies)

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