What’s Vic Mignogna up to?

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    I was watching Fan-o-Rama, the new Futurama live-action fan film, and I recognized a couple of faces. One was Rich Little doing his impersonation of Richard Nixon (or at least his head in a jar), and at the end of the film, Vic Mignogna from various Star Trek fan films. He plays Zapp Brannigan, which of course he does. His appearance, although funny, gets unsettling fairly quick… it’s good that he’s still involved with fan films now that the Trek fan film system has been shut down from fallout over Axanar, but still, I didn’t need to see that much of him…

    It’s a great little film that ends far too quickly without any kind of resolution, then there’s Hypnotoad footage for ten minutes. Also funny, but kind of unnecessary. I’d rather have another ten minutes of the show. Although I could do without any more screen time of the life-like Zoidberg. Creepy.


    Vic’s main career is doing English dubs of various anime, so rest assured he’s not panhandling anywhere.

    I have a feeling Star Trek Continues may lie low for a bit and return sometime after Discovery’s run. I’ll be mildly surprised if the Axanar case hasn’t reached its inevitable conclusion by then.

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