Want to find out if we are in a simulation? Crash the Universe!

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    We’ve been hearing for a while about the theory that we are living in a computer simulation. The question is, how can we prove it? One idea, mentioned in this article, is to crash the simulation. In other word, Crash the Universe!

    The idea is to create your own simulation of the universe (with sufficient detail) and, in the simulation, the inhabitants create their own simulation, which then creates another simulation and so on to infinity (and beyond!). The idea is to cause a stack overflow which will crash your computer and, presumably, the computer that simulates our universe. Sadly, the author neglects to tell us the minimum requirements of this supercomputer we would have to build to crash he universe. I’m thinking it would have to be really big (planet-sized, solar system-sized, galaxy-sized or even bigger) to impact the universe. The universe is really big, after all.

    Personally, I don’t see this as a viable argument. We build this huge computer and, when it crashes, it causes the universe to crash? Really? I don’t think so. We’d be doomed the first time we patch the computer.

    This reminds me of the short story by Hugh Howey: The Plagiarist. In it the protagonist dons VR gear and visits a simulation of the universe created by his University. He goes there to find literature that is popular there but does not exist here (written by authors who don’t exist here), copies it and publishes it as his own when he leaves the simulation. During his latest visit, he experiences glitches showing that something is wrong with the simulation. He exits the world and encounters the same glitches in his universe, implying, of course, he lives in a simulation.

    Anyway, crashing the universe is good fodder for science fiction novels and movies but I don’t see how it could work for real.

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    What if 2020 is a crash already in progress?

    BSOD in the real world

    BSOD in the real world

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