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    It’s still in the works, though at this late juncture it’s probably best to hold off until the current seasons of Doctor Who and K-9 have finished, and perhaps this fall’s season of Sarah Jane Adventures. It’s a massive cross-referenced, indexed, interconnected reworking of much of the Doctor Who content on the site, though “reworking” in some cases means “completely rewriting,” so it’s not like I’m just cutting and pasting episode guide entries. It’s a lot more involved than that. There’s also a fair amount of material that is, and will remain, exclusive to the book without showing up on the site. The site reviews will remain frozen in amber; any major revisions to existing reviews or synopses will be book-only.

    The cover design is composite miniature photography with no screen grabs from the show whatsoever.

    No solid release date (never has been). Maybe this Christmas?


    Okay, I’m going to take a swipe at a release date here, just for giggles: October 23rd, 2010.

    Whether or not that sticks, I dunno – there may just be a special October 23rd, 2010 edition that’s only available at one event (OVGE). (Yeah, I know OVGE’s not exactly a sci-fi convention. But I’m hatching plans to make my booth at OVGE a little bit of one. 😉 ) This date is subject to change, naturally.


    Here’s a sneak preview: these aren’t really meant to be readable (though they may well be), but they’re more of an idea of how the book looks on the inside. These are presently pages 12-13, but will almost certainly wind up sliding further back toward pages 20-21-ish when the introduction is completely written, the copyright page added, and so forth.

    (The top of page 12 has the last couple of lines of an introductory article.)

    The first page of the aforementioned introduction:

    (It probably also won’t really be page 2 either.)

    At least 1/3 of the book will be completely new material that isn’t (and won’t be) on the site.

    As with the synopses posted on the site, the episode summaries, in general, don’t give away the ending. That way you can still, oh, I dunno, enjoy watching the show. 😆


    One of my favorite recent developments in the episode guide section of the web site has been the “tag” system. But how do you introduce something quite so insanely handy in the book? Some visual clues should do the trick:

    Much as meta tags on the site mark which stories feature certain recurring villains or other elements, these icons will serve much the same function in the book. These are just a few of them… there are others.

    Bet you can figure out which one is which, too. 😉


    @Earl wrote:

    Okay, I’m going to take a swipe at a release date here, just for giggles: October 23rd, 2010.

    I like this guy! He was so young and naive.

    It’s looking more like “in time for Christmas 2010” now.


    Not much of an update, but a slightly altered cover design…

    More about it in the blog.

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    What would the logo look like if it were all blue? I think the TARDIS shaped ‘O’ in the center is okay, but the contrasting colors might need some work.


    It looks okay on its own, but it melts into that largely-blue cover artwork, never to be seen again.


    @Earl wrote:

    The Cyberman icon kept bugging me, and then it hit me; it’s Marvin the Paranoid Android! Or at least it’s a Cyberman done in that Hitchhiker’s Guide animation style.


    Latest revisions. The previous VWORP!1 cover made more sense for VWORP!2. The covers for VWORP!1 and WARP!1 will be undergoing some tweaking in the months ahead. Seems kinda silly to have the covers done before the contents, but they’re handy for inspiration.

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