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    As I anticipated, VWORP! is turning out to be fairly massive, and I’m still working on it. Clearly there’s going to wind up being a VWORP! 2 somewhere down the line… and that was always going to happen anyway. I had envisioned the first volume covering everything up to the season that just finished, Torchwood through Children Of Earth, Sarah Jane Adventures through season 3, Doctor Who Big Finish & BBC audios through this summer (including Unbound, the Colin Baker Lost Stories and the BBC Pertwee & Tom Baker Hornets’ Nest audios), and the K-9 series. I had envisioned a second volume, probably next year, covering the next season of Who TV, this fall’s Sarah Jane season, and whatever Torchwood series materializes in ’11 from the international co-production deal, along with any new Big Finish Who, and Big Finish spinoffs (Gallifrey, Sarah Jane Smith, Dalek Empire, Cyberman, Companion Chronicles, Jago & Litefoot, etc.). A potential third book – either in ’12 or ’13 – would cover all of the novels and comics to date (!), and any new TV/audio developments since the previous volume.

    It’s rapidly becoming apparent that, even with my compact and rather well-organized layout, all TV and audio to date in a single volume will result in a 400+ page book, which, I’m doing through Lulu, will be ridiculously expensive even if I barely make a profit off of the deal.

    A lot of the material is already written – I just need to know how you, the (hopefully likely) readers, would like the thing organized and/or divided up. Or maybe you do want a huge 400+ page monster – speak now or forever hold your peace.

    For the record, for whatever it’s worth, I’m currently laying the book out to be roughly the same page size as Rob’s Commodork book. Maybe I need to abandon that and go for more of a trade paperback size.

    Since I’m aiming for the first volume – whatever it may turn out to contain – to be out in late October, this poll runs only through the end of July.

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