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    OK, so it’s official and final:

    VWORP! 1 will cover…
    * all of TV Doctor Who through The Pandorica Opens
    * all of Torchwood through Children of Earth
    * all of SJA through season 3

    VWORP! 1 will not cover audio stories from any of these series. Nor will it include K-9. In doing my every-three-months-or-so consultation with a friend of mine who’s well versed in a lot of the nooks, crannies and quite frankly traps built into copyright law, there’s no way the first book can include K-9. It’s not airing in America, nor is it available on DVD, even as an import, by the time the book goes to print. Which is okay for the website, which isn’t conspicuously trying to profit from the K-9 guide to date, but the book is there to make a buck. They’d have my ass dead to rights.

    Therefore… drum roll please… VWORP! 2 will cover…
    * TV Doctor Who from this year’s Xmas special through the second Matt Smith season
    * Torchwood: The New World
    * SJA Season 4
    * K-9
    * Fan-made videos (the Auton series, Downtime, Wartime, Mindgame series, etc.)
    * Audio Doctor Who/Torchwood/spinoffs through December 2010

    The reason for the December ’10 cutoff date on audios is, quite simply, to have a cutoff date, just to keep things sane. There’s a LOT I have yet to listen to, including things like the Companion Chronicles audios… there needs to be a not-unreasonable cutoff there. Believe me, even for a book that’s not due this year, I was tempted to make the cutoff much earlier. If I’m incredibly lucky, and dilligent, VWORP! 2 would be ready summer 2011. Say… in time for Tulsa Trek Expo.

    VWORP! 3 wouldn’t hit until 2013 at the earliest. It would cover any new TV or audio Who, Torchwood and other spinoffs published since the previous book, as well as print media: novels, comics, and so forth. Those will take more time to research (i.e. read/review) since I’m even further behind on those than I am on audios. At that point, it’s pretty much expected that at the very least, Sarah Jane Adventures will have run its natural course and come to an end (getting funding for seasons 4 & 5 took an act of God, RTD and the BBC all at the same time). And who knows, perhaps Big Finish will have called it a day by then too (though I kinda doubt it – can’t see them dropping the closest thing they have to one big cash cow unless the BBC just decides it wants to keep the license, which isn’t unprecedented).

    When I’m not working on VWORP!, I’m working on the first PDF book. That one will be very essay-based in nature, and I’m going to say that comparisons to stuff like Commodork and Extra Life won’t be too far off the mark. However, it being a PDF book, it’ll also have entries on the major games discussed, somewhere between what’s on the website and the shorter, more succinct style of the DVDs. There’s an essay that’s literally titled “How Ultima IV Saved My Life”, so naturally, there’s a big profile of Ultima IV, as well as a “family tree” of the earlier Ultima games that led up to it. This book will have a title that will not include Phosphor Dot Fossils – it’s primarily my memoir, and only secondarily a showcase for the PDF entry style. If PDF shows up on the cover at all, it’ll be sort of like the cover of VWORP! – “from the files of theLogBook.com”. One title has sprung to mind for this book, but it’s a bit cheesy, so I’m keeping it under wraps for now. This book will have a very interesting “look” on the inside, of which the stuff I showed off here is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m actively writing stuff for this book in tandem with VWORP! 1 & 2; that may seem counterproductive, but if I dry up on focusing with laser-like intensity on one subject, I can relax by focusing on another for a bit instead.

    As for what’s going on in 2012 if it’s not another VWORP!, that would be the first volume of WARP!, which basically takes the VWORP! formula and covers Star Trek… hey, just in time for that next movie, would ya look at that?

    Yeah, I’m not setting myself up with too much to do in the next few years. Not at all. If I get sick and tired of Doctor Who, video games and Star Trek all at once, then God help us all. I’ll do a coffee table book of photos of my cats and my kid and call it “Things That People Tell You Never To Blog About”. From the maker of those other books that never happened because the dude writing them went nuts.

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